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She’s Been Waiting Her Whole Life for This

A happy picture from Molly, who is now an extra happy girl

The other day, as we took a walk with the kids and discussed their homeschooling, their grade levels came up in the discussion.  I told them that since we were finished with the school year, they were each technically in the next grade up now.

I told them, “So, that means Noah is in sixth grade now, Jack is in fifth grade, and Molly is in first grade.”

Molly stopped walking and gasped, “I’m in first grade now?!?”


“Oh wow!  I’ve been waiting my whole life to be in first grade!” she exclaimed as she began to skip along.

May we all embrace the changes in life with such enthusiasm and wonder.


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  1. Jamie @ See Jamie blog says:

    I love this. So sweet. I remember something similar with my youngest.

  2. Awww! That’s so lovely. That’s why I love having a home full of little ones, they help me to have a childlike perspective. :)

  3. Kids are so awesome – what a sweetie! :)

  4. That is beautiful – I just love the way children approach life. Thanks for the reminder to do as Jesus said – to become like little children.

  5. Rachel E. says:

    Cute! Out of the mouthes of babes…

  6. That’s my girl! Love you Molly

  7. That is so sweet!

  8. Love it! Kind of like when they say “back when I was little…” and are talking about a year ago. ;)

    • I totally agree — that always cracks me up!

      I also loved it when at least one of my kids was little and thought that there was a time when I was the baby and they were the adult. LOL

  9. I love it! My youngest is first grade this year, too. It is such a wonderful age. I will look forward to reading about your year.

    On another note, I can’t play Words for a bit because the next few weeks are super busy! I will start a game when things calm down again. :-)

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