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Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop Review and Giveaway

I’m super excited to share about the steam mop that I have recently been able to try out – The Steam-It by OreckAnd, not only am I excited to share about our experiences with the Steam-It, but I’m thrilled that one of you will be able to win your very own Steam-It Steam Mop too!

This steam mop is so cool and versatile.  The Steam-It comes with six different attachments making it not just a mop, but a tool that is truly useful throughout the house.  The six attachments make it possible to clean all of the following with the Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop:

  • Drapes, crown molding, and ceiling fans (Yes, this means it can be held up over your head and it still works!)
  • Upholstery
  • Floors (most flooring surfaces including marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors)
  • Kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks and appliances
  • Shower Grout
  • Windows

I just love it when I can get one product that can serve so many purposes.  When I first heard about the Steam-It Steam Mop, I was really pleased at the thought of trying it out.  But, then when I heard that it was so versatile, that’s when I got really excited!  If you’re like me, you don’t need anything else taking up space in your house, so having an appliance that can serve multiple purposes is such a blessing.

Besides serving multiple purposes, two of my favorite features about the Steam-It steam mop are:

1. No Harsh Chemicals – This steam mop cleans with steam, obviously.  So, you know what that means?  It’s just hot water.  Love it!  Great for the health of my family (and the environment).

2. Reusable Pads – A couple of the attachments use microfiber pads, such as for mopping.  There are two of each pad, which is great for when one is in the wash.  I love that this isn’t a product where you have to keep buying pads over and over again.  Again – great for my family (on our budget) and great for the environment.

Mopping is definitely the thing that we’ve used the Oreck Steam-It for the most often.  I had never been able to find a mop that I liked enough to save me from just getting on my hands and knees to clean the kitchen floor.  (This is especially tough for me, with one knee that is bad.)  The Steam-It is definitely saving my knee!  And, at just about 10 pounds, the Steam-It is even easy enough for all of my kids to use it to mop!

(Did you notice?  Even the seven year old is able to use it one handed!  However, this is the point where I have to say – really, this is some hot steam.  So, only let someone use it who would know better than to touch the steam area.)

Check out how gross the pad is after cleaning our small kitchen…

But, of course, like I already mentioned – I just threw the pad in the wash after using it.  (And, I had a clean one, in case I wanted to mop again before that pad was clean.)

Now is the point where I show you another area of my house that I would normally not show anyone…

I’m not sure why, but the grout in one of our showers always stays nice and white.  But, in our other shower – it’s just gross.  And, because I’m domestically challenged, I have a special way of dealing with that.  I ignore it.

The Steam-It made me not ignore that grout any longer.  Because we had ignored it for so long, we had to put in some serious work on the shower.  (Eric worked with me.)  We also decided that with a smaller attachment on the Steam-It, we felt like we were using some sort of Sci-Fi/Storm Trooper kind of weapon.  I asked Eric, “Do you think this is what they use the clean the bathrooms on the Death Star?”

As I mentioned already, the Steam-It can be used in an upside down position, which is great for so many of the non-mopping uses.

Seriously -- it kind of looks like a weapon, doesn't it?


It even made my shower cry! (Or, you know, something like that.)

While the first cleaning didn’t get my grout sparkling white all over (it was really bad to start with, that’s not the Steam-It’s fault), it made such a huge improvement!  When I showered the next time after cleaning, I was shocked when I pushed back the shower curtain.  Not every inch was sparkling white, but most of it was.  With a second cleaning, I would fully expect it to be completely clean.  (Yeah, I’ll admit it, I haven’t done a second cleaning of the shower with the Steam-It.  But, I am sure that I’m not going to ignore the grout any longer.  It was actually kind of fun cleaning it with the Steam-It.)

I’m really thrilled with our Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop!  I love that it’s well made and so versatile.  I can see us using this for many years to come.

Now, here’s the extra fun part — I get to give one of these awesome Steam-It steam mops away, which retails for $179.99. (Even if you don’t think you need one of these, you probably do.  But, if you really, really think you don’t need it, think about what an awesome Christmas gift this could be!)

The giveaway will be open until Sunday, November 20th at 11:59 pm EST. There are multiple ways to win, and you’ll need to leave a separate comment for each entry.  (The winner will be randomly chosen using the And the Winner Is… plugin.  Please note: To enter, you must be a resident of the U.S. 48 contiguous states and at least 18 years of age.)

How to enter to win a Steam-It Steam Mop:

Required Entry:

1. Visit and tell us one thing you learned about the Steam-It.

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Disclosure: I received an Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop (to keep) in order to review the product.  I was not otherwise compensated for this review.  I was asked to share my honest opinions and experiences with the Steam-It.

Please Note: Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.

Terms and Conditions for Giveaways/Sweepstakes on Many Little Blessings.

* Facebook does not sponsor or endorse this giveaway. They are not affiliated with this blog in any way.

This post is linked to Works for Me Wednesday, because this steam mop definitely works for me!


  1. Our house is nothing but carpet, but we do have 3 showers. I love that the Steam-it will clean with water only so I don’t have to breathe any harsh chemicals!

  2. While visiting the Oreck site, I learned that the steam is a “dry” steam, which makes it less scary to use around small children (in my opinion).

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  11. i didn’t know you could use this in the shower. I soo need this!

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  14. I really like that the Steam-It has a 25′ long cord, because I have not had great luck with rechargeable floor units.

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  29. That you can use it for more than just mopping (love that) and you can turn it upside down. It is also fairly light.

  30. I want one! I learned that it is about 10 lbs- not bad!


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  32. This mop looks great! I have never seen a mop that could clean so many different surfaces. Learning you could clean a shower with it is really surprising – I hope to win it!

  33. Aubreylaine says:

    I learned that it deep cleans w/o chemicals!
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  37. Oh my gosh! I visited the Oreck site and found out that you can use it UPSIDE DOWN with no spillage! YIPPEEEE! Fantastic!

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  39. I like that the Oreck can be used above your head to clean your ceiling fans & is only 10 lbs, so even my 7 year old can use it.

  40. Wow! I had no idea that it cleaned without cleaning products! that is so neat! Wow! So easy and you save money that was previously spent on cleaning products and replacing mops too!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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  43. I didn’t know the steam mop could clean my showers and windows as well as my floors. That is aAwesome!

  44. I love that my kids can help me clean because there are no chemicals involved.

  45. that you could use it on carpet, rejuvenating flattened carpet is something we could definitely use! :)

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    Now I want to know, what can’t it do?! I need one of these!

  50. I learned that it weighs about 10 pounds!

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  57. When I visited…I learned that you can even use this great steam cleaner on windows! It’s such a great cleaning tool…so many uses all in one item. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  58. I visited the Oreck site and learned it is a “dry steam” which is really interesting.

  59. It uses dry steam!

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  70. Andrea Padgett says:

    I learned that I can use this on my hardwood floors…all 2200 square feet of them! I also love the fact that it can be used for windows! I the cleaning windows, but this justmight motivate me!

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  72. I just signed up for Oreck’s email list! What a great product! I would love this. Thanks for the chance to get one!

  73. They rejuvenate carpet? I so need one of these!! I already own an Oreck vaccum (have had it for 10 yrs or so) and absolutely love it so a steam mop would be a great addition!

  74. Ooh, it works on both hard surfaces AND carpet – awesome!

  75. I love that you can use the steam it to touch up upholstery and pillows and mattresses!

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    It uses a “dry” steam and cleans *windows*!

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  141. I have one of these already, so please do NOT enter me in your giveaway! I just wanted to add…I love mine too! It was given to me as a gift, and it makes my hardwood floors SPARKLY clean! (I kind of forgot it can be used on grout….thanks for the reminder!)

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  168. Visited Oreck and find it totally bizarre (yet useful) that this can be used upside-down!

  169. I learned you cannot use it on fine silks, velour, very thin plastics, unsealed hardwood, laminates, engineered hard floor surfaces, ceilings, drywall and exterior paint of automobiles, electronics or items using electricity.

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  178. And you know I already subscribe via RSS. :)

  179. Wow, I went to the site and noticed it heats up in about a minute, which sounds awesome. My other steam mop takes much longer, and doesn’t do any of the extra stuff!

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  181. donna stinchcomb says:

    i like the reusable pad. That saves money!!

  182. Kindy Davis says:

    I can clean my fabrics…curtains and couch….with 5 kids this would be a blessing!

  183. “Cleans windows spot free”. Sounds like a great easy way to clean my windows!

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  192. Wow!! You can use this on a shower!! I defintely need one for my home. Would love to use it on all of our sticky kitchen chairs.

  193. I learned that it is quiet. It would be great to use when the little ones are napping:)

  194. I learned it won’t work on laminate floors. But that it can clean without chemicals.

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  196. I had no idea you could use it on your showers and overhead!

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  209. You can use your own hand towels with the clips, and doesn’t use chemicals. :)

  210. LOVE that it cleans without chemicals! Baby #5 will start crawling in a few months and it would be awesome to know the floor was CLEAN!! :)

  211. Eva Rector says:

    I learned that it can be used for more than just floors, and that is AWESOME!! I hate bathroom clean-up, absolutely hate it, especially since my S/O gets greasy and filthy and all other kinds of dirty at work and it’s a real chore to get the tub clean after he’s showered. I liked on FB and joined the Oreck email list!!

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  224. I love that you only need water!

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