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Nintendo 3DS Game Review: Horses 3D

We were recently lucky enough to get to try two games, Funky Barn 3D and Horses 3D, from Ubisoft for the Nintendo 3DS system. Not only were my kids thrilled to get to try them (and keep them) for free, but both were games that they had previously heard about and wanted to try.

(Actually, I believe the response was, “YES!” when I told them that were would be receiving them.)

I let all of my kids try out the games, and have interviewed them about the games, after they have been using them.

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Horses 3D

Me: Tell me briefly what Horses 3D is about.

Molly: It’s about training your horse and, well, you can have a job. There is dressage, acrobats, vaulting, cross country, and show jumping. (This was all with Jack giving her answers here and there.)

Jack: The basic story is you go to this horse ranch as a summer job, but you used to go there while you were young. At first, you need to help around the ranch, then you also need to help with the riding center, called the Magnolia Center. That’s what the basic story is.

Me: What was your favorite part of Horses 3D?

Molly: I like the tours and the horses and you can make the horses whatever color you want.

Noah: I’d say that I liked the wide variety of horses that you could choose from. I also liked the cross country events. They’re very good.

Jack: I am a big fan of the horse breeds. I also like the realistic look of the game — the horses look so real. I was also a big fan of the dressage events. And, I like how they used 3DS’s new balance feature on the vaulting event.

Me: What would you like to change about the game?

Molly: Nothing.

Noah: I kind of wished the horses could turn a little better when they were running, but other than that it was pretty good.

Jack: I wish that you didn’t always have to ride the horse.

Me: Would you recommend Horses 3D to your friends?

Jack: Yes.

Molly: Yes!

Noah: Definitely.

If you had been able to try these out and we had to send one of them back, which one would you have wanted to keep?

Noah: Horses 3D – it was pretty good.

Jack: Horses 3D.

Molly: Horses 3D.

Although there seemed to have been a Horses 3D landslide in our house, all of the kids actually enjoyed both games. It was a lot of fun to get to try them out, so thanks to Clever Girls Collective and Ubisoft for giving us the opportunity to have fun with some brand new games for our Nintendo 3DS game systems!

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