Non-compensated reviews: It is not unusual for me to write non-compensated reviews.  These are reviews of products or services that I purchased and have used that I want to share with my readers.  They are not products or services that were provided by anyone for me to review.  They are simply things that I wanted to review.

Compensated reviews: This is a product or service that I have received, at no cost to me, for the purpose of using it and reviewing it.  I will not take money to write such reviews, though I will keep the items that I was asked to review.

I will always write my honest opinions, experiences, and findings of products and services for both non-compensated and compensated reviews.

If you are interested in having a product reviewed on Many Little Blessings, please contact Angie.  Products must be family friendly and appropriate for my audience.  If you have a homeschool product that you would like to have reviewed by me on Curriculum Choice (where I write once a month), that is also an option.