Advertising is available on Many Little Blessings, as well as the other sites that I have founded – The Homeschool Classroom and Catholic Mothers Online.

Advertising on all of the sites is for a 125×125 size button in the sidebar, with some sites having other size options as well.  There are also opportunities for reviews, giveaways, and other promotional offerings.

Advertising is available in one month and three month increments.

Advertising Rates:

Advertising is available on Many Little Blessings, The Homeschool Classroom, and Catholic Mothers Online, as well as greater discounts for advertising longer term, as well as across sites.

Pricing ranges from $15 – $120 per month.

Contact Angie to learn more about advertising on Many Little Blessings or any of the other Tiny Owl sites.

About Angie and Many Little Blessings

Many Little Blessings is a blog about the life and times of a 34 year old homeschooling Mom named Angie.  Angie shares both the ups and downs of life, which readers can relate to, as 92% of readers (during a recent survey) reported that they are also parents.

Angie enjoys writing about all areas of life — faith, family, household management topics, homeschooling, crafting, and anything else that inspires her.

Angie began Many Little Blessings in December 2006.  She also created Catholic Mothers Online, a thriving community of Catholic blogging Moms, in April 2007.  In July 2008, Angie founded The Homeschool Classroom, a successful group blog that provides encouragement and enrichment to homeschooling families.  In 2009, Angie founded The Catholic Gadget, a Catholic Family Downloadable Toolbar.  In 2010, she drew all of the sites together under the Tiny Owl LLC brand and also saw the launch of her Etsy shop, Just a Tiny Owl.  In 2011, she formed Connections Network, a private group with small networking groups for bloggers, as well as began officially offer web design services.

Angie is on Twitter for both Many Little Blessings and The Homeschool Classroom.  She also has fan pages on Facebook for Many Little Blessings, The Homeschool Classroom, and Catholic Mothers Online.

Blog Stats and Readership Demographics

Some highlights from a recent reader survey of Many Little Blessings readers:

  • 99% Female
  • 96% aged 25 – 54 (the largest age group was age 25 – 34 with 48% of respondents)
  • 92% are Parents (with 54% being Stay-at-Home Parents)
  • 67% are Bloggers
  • 63% have a College Degree
  • 90% are Christian (with the largest affiliation – 41% Roman Catholic)