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Struggles and Sadness are Not a Comparison Game

sadness isn't a comparison game

I was recently struck by a status that I read on Facebook that I saw only because it was commented on by an acquaintance whom I am friends with there.  I was saddened for the person who wrote the status, but it also brought to mind something that has often perplexed me. You see, this person (the friend of a friend) wanted to share her sadness over the death of a dear friend.  And, because grief … [Read more...]

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10 Ways to be Happy

Ways to be Happy

Life can be so busy.  It's easy to get preoccupied with the tasks you have to do, a never ending list of things that need your attention, and a near constant strain on your time.  It often means that it makes it too easy to overlook the happy in your life.  Other things get in the way or make us only see the drudgery. The encouraging thing, however, is that we can all be happier, if we set our … [Read more...]

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10 Little Pieces of This and That

rose photo by Jack

This week is the last week of iHomeschool Network's 10 in 10 series, a fun 10 week series of topics which runs in conjunction with Top Ten Tuesday.  This week's official topic is 10 Random Things on my Mind.  As you already well know if you're a regular reader, I'm all about random things on my mind, so here we go... 10 Little Pieces of This and That 1. Jack is celebrating his 12th birthday this … [Read more...]

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New Experience #2: Going to the Gun Range for the First Time

shooting target

This is part of a two week series on Many Little Blessings where either I or my family try something that is a new experience and then reflect on it.  Check out all of the new experiences. ----- The New Experience Okay, so while I titled this "Going to the Gun Range," it's because I couldn't really bring myself to title the post "Shooting a Gun for the First Time."  This one actually has … [Read more...]

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A Reminder of the Goodness of People (aka Giving Up a Bus Seat)

reminder of the good in people

While we were in Disney World in December, we made heavy use of the Disney transportation system since we were staying at an onsite resort.  We spent just over a week at the parks, so this meant we had plenty of chances to ride buses, monorails, and even boats.  There were times when the seats were plentiful, but more often than not, we found ourselves riding at peak times when we were asked to … [Read more...]

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10 Things I Would Love to do in 2013

10 Things I'd love to do in 2013

I didn't make any resolutions this year.  What's the point, right?  I get all crazy ambitious at the end of December, make some sweeping declarations about the pathways that will get me to a better life, and then am done with them by January 3rd. I thought that I would, however, share a list of ten things that I would really love to do in 2013.  I guess they are resolutions, but let's not call … [Read more...]

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The Night My Teaching Career Ended: a Road Trip, a Sick Kid, and an Angry Principal

driving at night

Over the last couple of weeks, I have shared the story of how my teaching career ended.  I shared how it started at the job I loved and the job that I took that ended it all.  Today, I'm going to share how it really finally officially ended. ----- When I got home from school, I did some discussing with Eric before realizing that I was really considering leaving that teaching position.  … [Read more...]

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Every Education Has Gaps and Other Truths I’ve Learned

a love of learning is key to a life of learning

I'm sure that I'm like a lot of other homeschoolers in that I can't help myself but to worry about what we're covering and, more importantly, what we're not covering each year.  I don't have a school board or state board of education telling me what I should and shouldn't do in my lesson plans.  Instead, I'm piecing together an education the best that I can, and there's a lot of pressure that … [Read more...]

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The Night My Teaching Career Ended: The Job that Ended it All


Last week, I shared where my teaching career began.  This week, it's the beginning of the end.  ------ I was excited to start in my new school.  I decided to look at the 45 minute drive (each way) as an adventure.  I was going to look at my kids starting daycare for the first time as a good thing for them.  This would be a new, exciting time for all of us, I told myself. Although I … [Read more...]

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The Night My Teaching Career Ended: The Part Where I Was Still Teaching

my first teaching job

This is atypical for me, but I wanted to share the story of how my teaching (at least outside the home) career ended.  Then, I realized that I had to start at the beginning.  When I finished writing, it really seemed like something that needed to be broken into three parts instead.  So, for the next three weeks, I'll share part of the story each Monday morning.  This is where it … [Read more...]