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10 Books We Love on Art and Creativity

steal like an artist

We love books around here.  As a matter of fact, even though I don't often make the time to just sit and read, I can't help but want more books.  Printed books are my very favorite when it comes to books on art and/or creativity. 10 of My Family's Favorite Books on Art and Creativity 1. Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon This one was a … [Read more...]

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10 Very Cool Etsy Shops

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

I am thrilled each time I get to shop on Etsy.  Not only do I love supporting artists and artisans (especially since I have my own Etsy shop, of course), but the variety of items that you can find on Etsy are just astounding.  If you haven't shopped on Etsy before, I would advise you to at least browse around - you just never know what you'll find. Here are ten shops that I have in my favorites … [Read more...]

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10 Things to Pack When You’re a Vendor at a Craft Show


One thing that I really love to do, that my art enables, is being a vendor at craft shows.  While it can sometimes make for a long day (especially if I find that maybe it wasn't the perfect venue for me), it's mostly really wonderful, because I love the chance it gives me to interact with lots of people throughout the day. Being properly ready for a craft show can make a huge difference in your … [Read more...]

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Huge Sale: 50% Off eBooks and All Art, Plus a Kindle Freebie

Cyber Monday eBook Sale

Although Cyber Monday may be done, I'm just starting all of my special sales! The Art Sale My last craft fair of the season is coming up shortly, and I suddenly had a brainstorm last week that I wanted to mark down the items that I actually had in stock (for the show).  But, then I thought, "Well, why not mark them down online too?" So, from now through December 5th at 11:00 pm EST, … [Read more...]

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The Artist Corner: All That Scrap

click to see full piece

I have been wanting to feature one artist, artisan, or crafter per month for about a year and a half now.  And, I finally put together interview questions and am excited to start that feature here in July. This month's interview is with Kristin from All that Scrap.  Kristin and I go way back.  And, when I say way back, I mean way back.  As in, I've never known a life that doesn't include her in … [Read more...]

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How Do You Find the Time? And Other Questions I Am Asked.


I'm excited about the list this week, but it was a hard one to come up with.  I even needed to send out text messages to family (and post on Facebook) for ideas.  Sometimes, it's just hard to remember what people ask me. So, now that I have ten questions compiled, I'm sharing ten questions that I get asked, as well as the answers to those questions. Ten Things I am Frequently Asked About 1. … [Read more...]

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How to Find Time to Do Your Favorite Arts and Crafts


Why is it that our favorite arts and crafts have to be put on a back burner?  We can only manage to do them when the house is clean, dinner is made, all the laundry is done, and your email box is empty. But, why are arts and crafts a great way to spend time for kids, but only meant to be an extra for adults? This week, I'm sharing some ideas for finding time for your favorite arts and crafts … [Read more...]

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10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Creative Child

Noah at the piano

All children (and people) are creative in their own way.  For my list today, I'm focusing on the child that is creative in an artistic way.  That might be painting, dancing, music, or any number of other fine arts (although it likely may include several for a lot of artistically creative children). In our home, my oldest is very creative when it comes to storytelling, but the arts (of any kind) … [Read more...]

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An Artist and a Writer (or Rider of Unicorns)

photo by jaqian

On the shuttle to the airport on my trip to Savvy Blogging Summit in July, I talked with two ladies that were sitting near me.  The three of us did not know each other, but talked about what we had been doing in the area (they were both visiting the city I live in), where we were going, and the like. One of them asked where I work that I would get to go to a conference somewhere pretty like … [Read more...]

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Busy Working on Listings

These are printed on metallic paper, and look so sharp!

I have to admit that one of my biggest challenges with having an Etsy shop is just taking the time to take pictures, write up listings, and other logistical things like that. Because of that issue, I usually have several things just waiting to be listed. I'm still not caught up, especially considering that a couple of weeks ago, I did five new paintings.  Oh well -- I'll just assume it's always … [Read more...]