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First Communion Cupcake Toppers Printable

First Communion Cupcake Toppers Printable

First Communion time is one of my favorite times of year.  I love watching the kids at our parish as they excitedly await receiving their first Holy Eucharist.  So, I thought it would be fun to make some free printable First Communion cupcake toppers. Of course, you could also use these cupcake toppers as First Communion stickers as well, if you just print them onto an adhesive/sticker paper.  … [Read more...]

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Holy Communion Crossword Puzzle {Perfect for First Communion Students}

Holy Communion Crossword Puzzle Printable

Here's a fun printable for Catholic kids who are either preparing for First Communion or who are already receiving Communion.  While it used to be over at Catholic Mothers Online, I decided to move it here to Many Little Blessings to be with the rest of the First Communion Resources. Directions: Fill in words down and across using the clues given. If you (or the person doing the puzzle) needs … [Read more...]

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Communion Cards Review Plus a Giveaway

First Communion Cards

We feel very strongly about having big, special First Communion parties because we think that it is just one way that we show our kids that we think it's one of the biggest, most special days of their lives.  While we've done a variety of things as far as invitations have gone over the years, it was a decision that came up each time. I recently got to check out the invitation offerings from … [Read more...]

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50 First Communion Banner Ideas

First Holy Communion Banner Ideas

Today's post is sponsored, with special thanks, by Personal Creations, your source for beautiful and unique personalized gifts for First Communion as well as other special occasions. ----- A special thanks also to my readers who have absolutely no interest in First Communion things.  You've had to read quite a few posts about it lately, so I appreciate you hanging in there!  Today's post … [Read more...]

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Rosary Cupcakes (and a First Communion Link Up)

rosary cupcakes

The idea of making a Rosary shape out of cupcakes is certainly not a new one.  However, after seeing this set up at Molly's Day of Reflection before First Communion, I just had to share this set up that made some pretty impressive uses of two chocolate molds. Here's  close up of the white chocolate molded centerpiece: And the cross cake with a chocolate molded piece on top of … [Read more...]

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Ideas for Homemade First Communion Cakes

tomb First Communion cake

Store bought cakes can get expensive and sometimes can lack the personality that a homemade cake can have.  Plus, it's even more rewarding when people compliment the cake because you can just say, "Thank you!" rather than, "Yeah, the store did a great job on it."  First Communion cakes are no exception to this.  There are so many options for making a cute, homemade First Communion cake, even if … [Read more...]

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Holy Communion and Reconciliation Worksheet and Activity Packet {Plus a Bundle Offer}

Holy Communion and Reconciliation Worksheet and Activity Packet

I'm thrilled to share that I have just finished up my newest project - the Holy Communion and Reconciliation Worksheet and Activity Packet! This packet is a 43 page eBook featuring worksheets and activities that are perfect for children preparing to receive these sacraments, those that have just recently received them for the first time, and other elementary aged students who are currently … [Read more...]

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The Sacrament of Reconciliation for People with Autism (and Other Special Needs)

Adaptive Reconciliation Kit

Last year, I was very pleased to be able to share with you about the wonderful Adaptive First Eucharist Kit from Loyola Press.  Not only do I love the excitement of First Communion, but being the Mom of a child with Asperger's Syndrome, I can understand the worries that come with having your child special needs working on these important sacraments. Going perfectly hand-in-hand with the … [Read more...]

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Free Printable First Communion, Baptism, and Confirmation Invitations and Announcements

blue striped first communion invitation

Last year, I was excited to be able to offer free downloads of First Communion, Baptism, and Confirmation invitations (or announcements)!  Not only did I have fun making them, but I was thrilled to hear from people that saved money because of them.  Since last year's invitations/announcements have been downloaded so many times, I thought it would be fun to make a new set of free downloadable … [Read more...]

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55 Examples of Catholic First Communion Banners

First Communion Banners

It is once again time when I can share a new year's worth of First Communion Banners.  Each year, I am so impressed with the creativity of the children (and their parents), as well the extreme differences in the banners. There are colorful ones, and more mild.  Very intricate (there's one banner in here with a felt rendering of Jesus and a little First Communion Girl!) and extremely simple.  … [Read more...]