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Showing Our #DisneySide with a Disney @Home Celebration

Disney at Home Party

It's a well known fact, of course, that we love Disney.  We were thrilled, then, to be chosen by MomSelect and Disney to host a Disney @Home Celebration to get a chance to show our #DisneySide, complete with party supplies and games they provided (and a cool new suitcase for me). For our Disney @Home Celebration, we decided to have a couple of other families over for lunch, t-shirt decorating, … [Read more...]

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How Much Does a Disney World Vacation Cost?

How much does a Disney World trip cost

Since we've been taking Disney World vacations the last few years, I've been asked the same question several times.  It usually comes prefaced by a very kind, "If you don't mind saying..." or something like that, but then is finally followed by "How much does a Disney World vacation cost?" Often this is asked because people tell me that they are considering a trip and want to know what to … [Read more...]

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The One Where We Get Away from the Snow and Go to Disney World


This post was supposed to be last week's List it Tuesday.  But, do you know what?  I was just way too exhausted from getting home from our trip to Disney World to even think about trying to process some pictures and get them ready to post. This week, however, I'm all set for the List it Tuesday where we enjoyed nine days in Disney World.  Let me just say though - if you have ever wondered … [Read more...]

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Meeting Disney Characters: An Autograph Tip

disney character autograph tip

During our kids' first trip to Disney World (in 2011), we were excited to whip out our autograph books to have a special keepsake from our trip.  Because we had a free dining plan, our trip included many character meals and we easily filled half of the pages in their autograph books. It was while we were waiting for Mulan on that trip that I saw the autograph books of the kids in front of us in … [Read more...]

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Six Reasons Why We Love the Disney Dining Plan

why we love the disney dining plan

In 2011 and 2012, we were lucky enough to not only go on trips to Walt Disney World, but also to do it with a free dining plan each time.  We're now gearing up for (hopefully) booking one last Disney World vacation before taking a few years off from Disney trips.  Not that I want to, of course, but they're pretty expensive, and we wanted just one more chance to go back before we were the parents … [Read more...]

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New Experience #3: A Thrill Ride that I Dreaded


This is part of a two week series on Many Little Blessings where either I or my family try something that is a new experience and then reflect on it.  Check out all of the new experiences. ----- The New Experience This might be cheating a little bit, but this is my blog and I get to make the rules, I guess.  This is not something that I did because of this series.  Instead, it was … [Read more...]

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A Reminder of the Goodness of People (aka Giving Up a Bus Seat)

reminder of the good in people

While we were in Disney World in December, we made heavy use of the Disney transportation system since we were staying at an onsite resort.  We spent just over a week at the parks, so this meant we had plenty of chances to ride buses, monorails, and even boats.  There were times when the seats were plentiful, but more often than not, we found ourselves riding at peak times when we were asked to … [Read more...]

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10 Adventures from Our Magical Vacation

our magical vacation

I kind of left you guys hanging, I feel.  I shared after I got back from vacation that I had taken a vacation.  But, then I took the holidays off the blogs and I never shared about the vacation.  Top Ten Tuesday seemed like the perfect opportunity to share just ten of our big adventures from our early December vacation. 10 Adventures from Our Magical Vacation 1. We ate breakfast in a castle with … [Read more...]

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Free Dining Plans at Disney World: Late Fall 2012

chef mickey dessert

I'm briefly coming out of my blog break (I wrote most of the things on the blog in July during the end of June) to share some information about the upcoming Free Dining offer from Walt Disney World.  I know that there were many people that had a lot of questions about how we managed to get all of our food free last year on our trip and how they could get free dining as well, so I couldn't help but … [Read more...]

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What We Ate Using the Walt Disney World Dining Plan (Days 5 – 8)

Cinnamon Roll

Yesterday, I shared what we ate on the first four days of our stay at Walt Disney World on their Disney Dining Plan.  Now, I'm going to finish up with our last few days. Day Five on Disney Disney Plan Park We Visited: Animal Kingdom Breakfast Rix Cafe (Coronado Springs) - We made ourselves get up earlier than we had been doing for the rest of the week, knowing that morning would be the … [Read more...]