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Four Quick Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Germs

cleaning tips

While I was driving to Savvy Blogging Summit this past June, I suddenly became ill.  In what seemed like an instant, my throat started to hurt and I got stuffed up.  I spent the rest of the weekend miserable before finally leaving early to head home and then stop at the local urgent care before even stopping at my house. This post with tips for clearing out some germs from your house with quick … [Read more...]

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Solutions for Common Excuses for Clutter


Usually clutter around the house is pretty obvious.  You might not always want to clean it up, but you recognize that it's clutter and eventually get around to doing something about it.  Sometimes, however, it's just not that easy. There are times when you may have clutter around your house that you don't even recognize as such.  It might be that big, expensive treadmill that hasn't been used … [Read more...]

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Saving Money on Laundry

kids in the laundry room

Although those three little kids in the picture have changed significantly since that was taken many years ago, one thing hasn't changed - it can be expensive to do laundry.  In particular, if you have children at home, then laundry might be a daily happening in your home.  That cost can really add up! If you are looking for a way to save some money on your laundry budget, be sure to check out … [Read more...]

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I Did a Scary Thing with My Breakfast Dishes

Finish Quantum

This week, I did something that made me shiver as I anticipated the horror that would await me as a result of my actions.  I'm the kind of gal that completely rinses off all of my dishes before putting them into the dishwasher.  It was how I learned to use the dishwasher, and that's just what I always do.  But, not one day this week, my friends. You see, I was contacted by Finish to take the … [Read more...]

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10 Tips for Helping to Keep up with Your Laundry

10 tips for keeping up with laundry

The irony is not lost on me that I am going to share a post on keeping up with your laundry when I just admitted that I had washed the same load of laundry three times before it finally hit the dryer.  Still, I'm going to carry on and share this list of tips anyway because I think they're good tips.  I just don't always manage to follow them. 10 Tips for Keeping up with Your Laundry 1. Set … [Read more...]

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I Finally Tackled My Homeschool Closet Mess

homeschool closet storage

Thank you to P&G and Kroger stores for celebrating “Team Mom’s Everyday Victories”! Please visit the P&G's event page to play games, win money off your next Kroger trip and more fun! ----- Last week, I decided to make another one of my crazy long "to do" lists.  When I do this, I usually write out a whole spiral notebook page of things and then work my way through them over the … [Read more...]

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How to Teach Your Children Home Ec Skills


I know it was just yesterday when I was sharing information about my relaunched eBook, Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places (and it's on the Kindle too).  So, it may seem crazy, but I'm going to tell you about my new eBook today! I don't know if you're like me at all, but there's a reason that I say I'm domestically challenged.  And it's, well, because I'm domestically … [Read more...]

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Teaching Children Laundry Skills

Teaching Children about Laundry

I was blessed to never have had to do the laundry growing up.  My Mom took care of everyone's laundry, although I'm not really sure how she stayed caught up with so many people in the house.  In fact, I don't even remember putting clothes away, so I imagine that means she did that too. This meant, however, that as I was 19 and gearing up for my wedding and moving out of my parents' house, I … [Read more...]

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28 Days to Hope for Your Home Ebook Sale (Only $2!)

I just had to pass along this fabulous deal running through the end of the month, which just happens to end tomorrow, of course.  The new ebook from "Nony" from A Slob Comes Clean, 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, which is already on sale for $4 for February is on sale for two days (but one of those was today) for just $2.00.  (I have the coupon code listed below.) I haven't shared, but I'm … [Read more...]

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Using Vinegar Around The House


I have always been the kind of person that bought commercial cleaning products.  If it promised quicker or easier cleaning, I was going to check it out the next time I went to the store (and maybe even buy it).  Because of this, the area under my kitchen sink is packed with all sorts of nasty chemicals, all in brightly colored containers whose purpose is to entice me to buy them. Go read … [Read more...]