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10 Signs that You are (or were) Serious about Scrapbooking

You Know You're a Scrapbooker When...

I don't really scrapbook anymore, although I did just pick up a bunch of Project Life stuff to try to use them with all of our Disney World pictures.  (Thanks to seeing my friend Kim put together a fabulous album rather quickly with one of the kits.)  But, back in the day (before blogging), scrapbooking was my thing. If you are currently a scrapbooker, or were into it in the past, you might … [Read more...]

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Blue Ombre Side Table Project

DIY blue ombre side table

For the second year in a row, Jack signed up to do a Home Environment project for 4-H.  This project has a variety of choices, but he mostly likes to choose the option where he can refinish or repurpose some type of piece for the home.  In his first year, he used four 8x10 canvases, felt, fabric, and ribbon to create a French memo board for his room, which won a blue ribbon and Reserve Champion at … [Read more...]

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10 Things to Pack When You’re a Vendor at a Craft Show


One thing that I really love to do, that my art enables, is being a vendor at craft shows.  While it can sometimes make for a long day (especially if I find that maybe it wasn't the perfect venue for me), it's mostly really wonderful, because I love the chance it gives me to interact with lots of people throughout the day. Being properly ready for a craft show can make a huge difference in your … [Read more...]

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Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

candy wrapper picture frame

  If you have a favorite candy that has foil wrappers, you can make a fun and unique project for just a few dollars.  Head over to The Happy Housewife where I shared a tutorial for making a foil candy wrapper picture frame. … [Read more...]

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The Ultimate List of Inexpensive Art Projects

painting rocks

I think many parents may shy away from working on art projects with their children because they think they are too messy, too expensive, or take too much time.  I can't necessarily help you on the messy or time issues, but I hope that offering up a lot of inexpensive art options for children of a variety of ages will encourage you to find one or two (or ten) to plan to do with your children. The … [Read more...]

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It’s Sidewalk Chalk Time

sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk is one of those staples of summer time in early childhood.  Not only can it be picked up inexpensively, but it offers a range of play possibilities that encourage learning and creativity. If you're stuck in a sidewalk chalk rut, head over to About One's blog In a Nutshell to read seven ideas I'm sharing about play activities with sidewalk chalk. … [Read more...]

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How to Find Time to Do Your Favorite Arts and Crafts


Why is it that our favorite arts and crafts have to be put on a back burner?  We can only manage to do them when the house is clean, dinner is made, all the laundry is done, and your email box is empty. But, why are arts and crafts a great way to spend time for kids, but only meant to be an extra for adults? This week, I'm sharing some ideas for finding time for your favorite arts and crafts … [Read more...]

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10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Creative Child

Noah at the piano

All children (and people) are creative in their own way.  For my list today, I'm focusing on the child that is creative in an artistic way.  That might be painting, dancing, music, or any number of other fine arts (although it likely may include several for a lot of artistically creative children). In our home, my oldest is very creative when it comes to storytelling, but the arts (of any kind) … [Read more...]

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Teaching Children Simple Sewing Skills


Simple sewing skills.  That's about where I am in my sewing life, and I suspect that's where I will stay.  Even these most basic skills, however, have been picked up by me in the last few years.  So, prior to that, I was still taking things to my Mom that needed things like buttons put back on or a small rip on a seam. I know that we all love to be helpful to our children and hope that they … [Read more...]

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Busy Working on Listings

These are printed on metallic paper, and look so sharp!

I have to admit that one of my biggest challenges with having an Etsy shop is just taking the time to take pictures, write up listings, and other logistical things like that. Because of that issue, I usually have several things just waiting to be listed. I'm still not caught up, especially considering that a couple of weeks ago, I did five new paintings.  Oh well -- I'll just assume it's always … [Read more...]