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7 Quick Takes: a Special Deal, a Surprise Airplane Occurence, and Valentine Printables

Just a Tiny Owl 50 percent off sale

~ 1 ~ I have decided (at least I think) that I don't really want to go do art shows/craft fairs anymore.  So, since I'm hoping to move out some of my inventory, I not only lowered all of the prices in my Etsy shop by a considerable amount, I also have a limited time 50% off coupon code available! Just pop over to my Etsy shop, Just a Tiny Owl, and use the code JATO50.  That will give you … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: Mock Horror in the Pew, Too Much Snow, and Poor Shoe Repair

George Washington crossword

~ 1 ~ Dear Jesus, I'm sorry that I laughed during one song during Mass on Sunday. I'm sure You already know, however, that Molly started making low budget horror movie faces to amuse me during the part of the song that they were singing about raining fire to talk about the Holy Spirit. And, when I pulled it together, Lord, I know that You already know, but then she started dramatically … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: Epic Nerf Battles, Enigmatic Theater, and a Wall Desk

Religious Valentine cards

~ 1 ~ One of my most fun moments of the week happened just after Molly got a new Nerf bow.  We came home, and had to start looking at all of the Nerf things that we have.  Then, it quickly turned into everyone grabbing a Nerf weapon and an all out epic family Nerf battle. Initially, it was girls against boys, but then turned into me and the two youngest kids against Eric and Noah. Do you … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: The Snowpocalypse and Sketching Dinosaurs

Romans 5:8 Art Print

~ 1 ~ Like so many others, we experienced the Snowpocalypse and Polar Vortex of this past week. For the record, I like that when I wasn't entirely sure how to spell Snowpocalypse, I put in my spelling (which was slightly wrong) into Google and it said, "Do you mean snowpocalypse?" ~ 2 ~ One of my favorite additions to our yard this week was the elusive "Snow Plant."  I love how … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: Fevers, Cavities, and Coloring Pages

Mary and Baby Jesus Coloring Page

~ 1 ~ It seems like every time I go on Facebook lately, somebody else is chiming in that they or someone else in their family is sick.  Our family has been no exception to this, and we've managed to have four of the five of us sick over the past week and a half. Know what this means?  It means that we've not had a particularly exciting Christmas break and my birthday was not all that fun.  … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: Obnoxious Thanksgiving, Capitals Crossword, and Being Old

United States State Capital Crossword

~ 1 ~ I may possibly have a new favorite search term that brought someone to my blog: obnoxious being thankful remarks for thanksgiving I'm not really sure what they probably found, but that's a good one. ~ 2 ~ This week, I shared a free printable over at The Homeschool Classroom.  It's a crossword puzzle with the states as clues and each answer being that state's capital city. ~ 3 … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: October 5, 2013 (Vol. 157)

mustache cupcakes

~ 1 ~ This week marked one of only two birthdays in our house that happen outside of July. Nine years ago, I became a little less outnumbered in my house full of boys because of the birth of our only daughter.  Having a girl has definitely been different from having a boy, but so far, it's mostly been a pretty fun ride.  You know, with moments of "how will we survive the teen years if it's … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: September 28, 2013 (Vol. 156)

robot family

~ 1 ~ Have I mentioned that I have a boyfriend now? Well, at least that's the new joke around the house after Eric had a long weekend off work last weekend.  He decided to just not shave the whole time.  As you can imagine, he got rather scruffy.  When we were driving on one of the days, I said, "It's like I'm cheating on my nice, clean shaven, hard working husband with my bad boy … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: August 10, 2013 (Vol. 155)

iphone screenshot

~ 1 ~ As I sat down to write this post, I thought, "Hey - why don't I look at my phone to see what we've had going on the last couple of weeks?"  This is not an uncommon thing for me to do when I sit down to write a 7 Quick Takes post. However, in one of those electronic era ADHD-induced moments, I found myself randomly looking around on iTunes.  I downloaded about five or six songs, and … [Read more...]

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7 Quick Takes: July 26, 2013 (Vol. 154)

blue birthday cake

This post contains some affiliate links, which don't change the price you pay but helps benefit this site. Thanks! ~ 1 ~ I think it took me a full 30 seconds to figure out what year to write after the date in the title.  Do you ever do that on your birthday?  You know, you get so used to thinking of that date with a specific year after it that you have a hard time remembering the current … [Read more...]