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Busy Working on Listings

I have to admit that one of my biggest challenges with having an Etsy shop is just taking the time to take pictures, write up listings, and other logistical things like that. Because of that issue, I usually have several things just waiting to be listed.

I’m still not caught up, especially considering that a couple of weeks ago, I did five new paintings.  Oh well — I’ll just assume it’s always going to be a little like laundry.  As soon as I think I’m done, something else gets added to the hamper.

So, here’s a peek at the many things that I’ve listed lately.  (You should be able to click on anything to see the listing.)

These are printed on metallic paper, and look so sharp!

You Are My Piece of Foreign Sky print

(Also available is the one of a kind, original painting!  You are My Piece of Foreign Sky painting)

Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams (Original Painting!)


Some new art photographs with fun textures and overlays:


Some TTV-style photographs:

Plus there are several other new additions in the TTV-style photographs, so check them all out.

Life Through My Phone:

I had several of these that needed to be added.  So, I’ll share a couple and you can go check out the rest of the Life Through My Phone photographs.

I definitely hope to be able to get some pictures of my newest paintings soon.  That is, of course, after I manage to clean my craft room…again


  1. I hear you. Listing always takes so long and I never get as much done as I’d like!

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