About Me

Hi, and welcome to Many Little Blessings! My name is Angie, and I’m…

  • Mom to three kids (Noah – 13, Jack – 11, and Molly – 8)
  • Wife to Eric, my high school sweetheart (16 years)
  • A very excited Catholic convert (my whole family converted, and were received into the church together in April 2007)
  • Busy homeschooling my kids (I previously taught school and have degrees in elementary education and special education, though I don’t think these actual help for homeschooling)
  • A writer
  • A music lover
  • An artist and crafter, who always seems to have an eye toward learning a new craft (I have an Etsy shop called Just a Tiny Owl that features some of my creations)
  • A web designer
  • Usually tired

About Many Little Blessings

Many Little Blessings is my little place on the Internet to share my life, in the hopes of both recording our memories, and helping others who stop by for a visit (whether that be with a household tip, a recipe, to uplift their spirit, or just offer a laugh).

You might find me writing about:

  • Various ways I work at our household management
  • Things we’re doing around the house to live a little more green
  • Ways we’re trying to save money
  • Food topics — from recipes to books to cooking tips
  • Decorating ideas that don’t cost a fortune
  • Our homeschooling journey
  • What we’re doing to continue on our faith journey
  • Fun things I found around the Internet
  • Crafty and artsy stuff (I’m no Martha Stewart, but I have a genuine love for crafting)
  • Just about anything that pops into my head!

Where Else You Can Find Me

My Other Blogs

I am the founder of both The Homeschool Classroom and Catholic Mothers Online.  I also edit and write at both sites as well.


Monthly Contributing Writer

The Happy Housewife (in the Home Management section and the Homeschool section)


Guest Writing

I have been a guest writer at Simple Mom, Savvy Blogging, Simple Homeschool, Raising Arrows, and several other sites.  (I have previously been a regular contributing writer at both Curriculum Choice and  Blissfully Domestic.)



I have written three ebooks:

I had an essay published in the book Stories for the Homeschool Heart.

Published in Simple Mom’s ebook One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler

The Homeschool Classroom’s ebook Homeschool by the Numbers.

Co-authored a chapter in the textbook Elements of Sociology Through Theory, Fourth Edition



I spoke (as a breakout speaker) on growing your online reach, maintaining multiple sites, and managing a group blog at the Titus 2:1 Conference in April 2012.


Other Social Media

You can follow me on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as become a fan of Many Little Blessings on Facebook.

If you have questions, comments, or just a great idea for me, contact me via email.