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10 September Activities for Catholic Families {Free Printable}

As unbelievable as it is, it’s already extremely close to the end of August.  This weekend, we’ll enter the month of September.  September, when we are hopefully finishing up our last of the summer heat throughout the month and moving into autumn.  So, since September is fast approaching, it’s time for another free printable of 10 Activities for Catholic Families.

While I know that these don’t apply to some of my readers, I hope that even if you don’t feel that they apply to you, maybe you will check them out and use some ideas that might work for your family too!  Although there are mentions of saints throughout the printable, most of this month’s activities are ones that most families could use or adapt for a fun religious (non-Catholic) activity.

In the past, I shared these printables on Catholic Mothers Online. but then have moved them over to sharing them here on Many Little Blessings instead as of July 2013 (find past ones from Many Little Blessings here).  You can still currently find the ones prior to that on CMO (although I will eventually move them here, for ease).  Starting with last month’s printable, I decided that I’m going to be moving those free printables to Many Little Blessings.

Printable Topic: A downloadable page of ten activities for your family to do together during September 2013

Note: This download is free for personal or classroom use. It can also be put into church bulletins or newsletters, but the copyright credit line must be included (which just means to make sure that you don’t accidentally crop off the line with the copyright information at the bottom of the printable when you are reproducing it to hand out). It cannot be sold, published, or hosted on other websites. If you want to pass along the printable though, please feel free to share a link to this post (not directly to the printable) with others. Thanks!

10 Activities for Catholic Families in September 2013  |  Many Little Blessings

Download the Ten September Activities for Catholic Families Printable

(If you are having clarity issues with the printable, please right click on the image and choose “Save Link As” and download the document to your computer. Then, open it from your computer, rather than through your web browser’s PDF plugin, which can sometimes cause some blurriness or other issues. Actual printable page is much sharper than it appears in the thumbnail above.)


  1. I love this every month. I wait for it.
    We don’t get to every activity… but I still put it on our fridge.
    Thank you for always generously putting this up.


  2. I too am excited about the monthly activities that you have put together. I am planning on incorperating most of them into my Faith Formation class. I was interested if you had a list for October yet?? I can’t wait to see all the great things this next month brings. :)

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