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10 Reasons Not to Miss Purchasing This 90+ eBook Bundle

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It’s that time of year once again – the iHomeschool Network Homeschool Omnibus eBook Bundle is available!  Since it just so happens that the sale is launching on a Tuesday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share ten reasons why you shouldn’t miss this very limited time sale of over 90 eBooks for $25.

iHomeschool Network eBook Omnibus

10 Reasons to Not Miss This Limited Time 90+ eBook Bundle

1. The low price.  These 90+ eBooks would normally cost almost $600 if purchased separately.  If you buy them as a bundle, it’s only $25.

2. It’s only available for a limited time.  The bundle will only be available through August 25th.  It’s not time to hesitate or come back later.  Get it now before you have a chance to forget.  (I do that a lot.  Of course, if you read blogs from other homeschoolers, you might very well be hearing a lot about this bundle this week.  Sorry!)

3. You can ignore all the posts about the Homeschool Omnibus.  Yeah, I’m serious – you’re going to be hearing about it from an awful lot of bloggers this week.  If you buy it now, you won’t have to keep thinking, “Should I buy it?  Should I not buy it?”

4. Because you like to support this site.  C’mon, you know you would like to support this site.  I get a percentage of the sales that are made through my affiliate link.  If you could use it when you’re buying it, it just might help us to pay for Molly’s ballet lessons this semester.  That would be swell.

(Of course, using any blogger’s affiliate link for the sale is nice.  So, no hard feelings if you click elsewhere.  But, Molly doesn’t look pretty sweet when she’s dancing.)

5.  Two of my eBooks are included in the bundle this year.  They include Homeschooling by the Numbers and Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places.

6. The Omnibus includes homeschooling eBooks as well as other topics.  Even if you’re not a homeschooler, you may find enough eBooks of interest to you as part of the Omnibus that would make it worth the purchase.

7. All of these eBooks are included, and it’s a big list!

8. It’s an instant download.  No need to wait around for all of these eBooks.  You can instantly download them after purchasing.

9. Each eBook costs less than a can of soda!  Seriously.  The Homeschool Omnibus has over 90 eBooks, and with the $25 purchase price, it comes out to less than 28 cents per book.  28 cents!

10. The eBooks can be purchased on a DVD.  For an extra fee ($7.99), you can purchase these eBooks on a DVD.  Just contact iHomeschool Network after your purchase.  Easy peasy.

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  1. Thanks for hosting once again. I have been away from this blog hop for a couple weeks and I am definitely glad to be returning. It’s like coming home! :-)

  2. #3 cracked me up. :)

  3. I love your sense of humor for this!

  4. I don’t have a tablet of any sort (yes, I know I’m the only person in the world). Can I download these on my computer or are they only compatible with ipads, kindles, and other e-readers? Thanks!

    • They are all downloaded as PDF files, so you can read them right on your computer. If you haven’t already purchased the bundle, just be sure that you do it tonight, as the sale ends in a few hours. :)

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